A small top attractions for our foreign participants, which are worth a visit, as well as interesting facts and the history of becoming the most famous places in Moscow.


1. Moscow Kremlin and Red Square

The most recognizable and visited places in the Russian capital. The red towers of the Kremlin, crowned with stars, are a well-established brand, a symbol of Moscow. Since the XII century, the Kremlin served as a defensive structure, for centuries it was repeatedly burned and rebuilt. The Red Square has often become a place of important state events. There passed folk assemblies, fairs, parades, various cultural events.


2. Moscow City

The business quarter of the capital, consisting of modern skyscrapers futuristic design. The project is unique both for Russia and for the whole of Eastern Europe. The highest tower of the "Federation" complex reaches a height of 235 meters, other buildings are also given their own names. Moscow City was nicknamed "Moscow Manhattan", the quarter was conceived as a Russian analogue of the London and New York business districts.



3. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The Cathedral of Moscow, where the Divine Services is held by the Patriarch. The temple was built in honor of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 according to the project of Konstantin Ton, the work lasted more than forty years. During the Soviet era, the building was blown up, and in its place appeared the Palace of Soviets, and later the "Moscow" pool. The cathedral was rebuilt in 1994-1997. and now has the maximum external resemblance to the original.




4. The Bolshoi Theatre театр

The main opera stage of the country and one of the best theaters in the world. The theater was built in 1825, but in 1853 the building burned down. Three years later the Great was rebuilt. Large-scale reconstruction was carried out in 1886-1893., In 1958 and in 2005-2011. The monumental theater building is decorated with massive columns, the interior decoration is amazing. A special attention is deserved by the crystal chandelier in the main auditorium.



5. The State Tretyakov Gallery

Art Museum with a rich collection, founded by the merchant family Tretyakov. In 1861 Pavel Tretyakov handed over his family gallery in his will and determined the amount of money for its maintenance. In 1893 the museum was officially opened for a visit. The Tretyakov Gallery is the largest (more than 180 thousand exhibits) collection of Russian painting, engraving, icon painting.

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