Congress operator ABV-Expo is a professional organizer of medical and business events in Russia

Our young, energetic team helps doctors of various specialties from all over the world exchange knowledge, unite in communities and communities, participate in grants and competitions, create websites, establish magazines and newspapers.

Our own database of specialists includes more than 12 thousand doctors of adrologists, hematologists, gynecologists, cardiologists, mammologists, oncologists, surgeons, urologists, radiologists, therapists, chemotherapeutists, radiotherapists of Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

Our mission is the organization of medical events as a contribution to improving the level of medicine in Russia, extending the standard of living and improving its quality, by improving the professional skills of medical professionals.

In our team, everything is very different, but there are things that unite us, with which we are guided in our professional and personal life.

These are our common values: Stability, Diplomacy, Multitasking


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